We Offer Students 12 Wheels,
Glazing Facilities, and
Extensive Studio Hours

You can learn to create beautiful pottery
on an electric potter's wheel.
The Petersen Art Center offers our students one of the finest pottery facilities in the mountain west. It includes a spacious wheel room featuring Pacifica electric wheels, damp room and complete glazing facilities. The Petersen Kiln regularly turns out successful cone 10 reduction firings, bringing rich depth of color to stoneware and porcelain student creations.

Instructors Mark Petersen, Cynthia Xaiz, Bill James and Randy Burks offer classes for students of all ages and backgrounds.  Everyone from beginners to professionals are welcome.  Students learn to create pottery on the potters wheel, and their option may also study various hand built ceramic techniques.

This is followed by the study of surface decoration and glazing techniques.  In addition to the weekly two hour class, students are allowed to use the facility during liberal studio hours throughout the week. Wheel thrown pottery is available for junior high through adult students.