Quadriplegic Greg Killpack
creates beautiful watercolors
at the Petersen Art Center

Our Students Come From All Walks of Life: 
Professionals, Homemakers, Seniors, Children...
People Just Like You!

Many of our students begin their study at the Petersen Art Center with the mistaken belief that they have no real talent.  In fact, just the desire to explore the world of art often indicates hidden talent and ability.  Our teachers are ready to provide the instruction and positive reinforcement that will begin your journey down the path of artistic creativity.  Whether you are seeking a potential career or just a life enriching hobby, you will find a home for your aspirations at the Petersen Art Center.

Greg Killpack began his study of art after an accident that left him without the use of his legs or arms.  Sportscaster, Paul James, began his study here after he retired and has gone on to have one man shows.  Olivia Bennet started at the Petersen Art Center as a child who was battling luekemia and went on to be featured on the Opray Winfrey show and is now a nationally recognized artist.  Each of these people, like over 6,000 others, began their study here.  We invite you join them.