I invite you to join me and
discover the many ways that
art can enhance your life!
Harold Petersen, Founder

We invite you to make art part of your life
or to give the gift of art to a loved one with
one of our Art Class Gift Certificates!
The Petersen Art Center was founded by Utah artist and art educator, Harold Petersen in 1994.  In the years since then it has brought art into the world of over 9,000 students.  People just like you and the members of your family.  While a few of our students are already professional artists, most come from all walks of life.  These people represent all ages, ability levels, and professions.  Most are people who describe themselves as beginners or as someone who once studied art and now wants to renew their artistic activity.  They are bound together by a desire to discover their artistic talents.  This website includes information on all of the classes taught here, as well as a current schedule and an easy to use register by email page.  Our classes are all taught on an ongoing basis so you can join any open class any time.  It's time to stop saying "maybe I'll take an art class," and make this year you bring art into your life and the lives of those around you.  We invite you to join us today and begin an exciting new chapter in your life.